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UK Prime Minister Hopeful, Kemi Badenoch Knocks Nigerian Politicians, What We Know


It's no more a news that Boris Johnson has announced to relinquish power, resign the best job in the world as British Prime Minister.

What led to his resignation was a minor case to demand for any African leaders to resign office. Couple of weeks ago, I was privileged to attend a seminar organized by the INEC, sensitizing Journalists on reportorial obligation, "balance their reports" while reporting Osun election, which was well attended by many correspondents of giant media in Nigeria, such as NTA, OSBC, TVC, ARISE, Osun Online Publishers Association (OOPA), PUNCH, AIT and other recognized media firms.

Most of our members at Osun Online Media Practitioner's Association, asked reasonable questions on what needed to be done to salvage the face of election in Nigeria.

Moment the nomination form fee for presidential office was announced by Political Parties, I wrote on behest of my client instruction who resides in United Kingdom, I juxtaposed between Nigeria's Electoral system and United Kingdom that colonized our Nation. My inquisitive on the assignment gave me audacity to stood up and asked a jaw breaking question from the INEC officials during her orientation programme which I believed was treated with a complete rigmarole and or begged.

As for me, INEC can start rebuilding the country, moderate aspirant's spending, fund soliciting, and fix prices for nomination form with the help of judiciary. 

Two cogent reasons Why Borris Johnson Resigns 


The tragedy which pummeled his resignation announcement ranged from downing street party gate during COVID-19 lockdown, On April this year, the prime minister was fined for breaking lockdown rules after attending his birthday in 2020.

Cost of Living Crisis and Tax Rises

Inflation has risen in 2022 to the current rate of 9.1%

Are these enough to demand for African leader's power relinquish?

A statement issued by Kemi Badenoch, who had been through among the remaining six candidates vying to become British prime minister, she must have given up on Nigeria before making her way to pledge allegiance to one of the best nations in the world, many products are in our nation looking for ways to exhibit their potential and serve their father's land.

British Prime Minister aspirant, Kemi Badenoch, has knocked Nigerian politicians, as she announced her bid for the top office.

Her comments have been garnering reactions on TwitterNG on Wednesday.

She said, “I’m ambitious for our party and our country. I chose to become a conservative MP to serve and I chose this country because here, I can be free and I can be everything that I wanted to be.

“I grew up in Nigeria and I saw firsthand when politicians are in it for themselves. When they use private money as their piggybanks, when they promise the earth and they pollute not just the earth but the whole political atmosphere with their failure to serve others.

“I came to Britain, determined to make my way in a country where hardwork and honesty can take you anywhere.”

Abioye Tosin Lawrence, prepped these curated rundown to right the wrong...

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