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It Shows Evidence Of Weakness For 5 Governors To Think Nnamdi Kanu's More Powerful To Handle Insecurity Better Than Them - Ezendigbo


Chief CBN Onwuasoanya Ezendigbo, has frowned against the moves by the South East Executive Governors trying to overrate the IPOB leader as someone who could bring peace into Igboland, in what he called a shameless move.

Ezendigbo, who floated presidential run in the last general elections in 2023. reminds the Governor that the people voted for them to protect their lives and properties, "Let me put it straight, Nnamdi kanu is not a factor that deserves such solidarity, its a sign of weakness and frailty for 5 executive Governors from south the east to assume Nnamdi kanu is more powerful than them to curb security situation in Igboland."

The Struggle for Biafra started long before now, in fact, it was before Nnamdi kanu was born on September 25, 1967. But there was never a round table discussion to resolve the issue between south east and federal government since the return of democracy in 1999. 

Why would they negotiate the release of a person that destroyed the good image of Igbo people in the eye of the world? Who would takes us as serious people??, he asked.

However, the issue of Biafra shouldn't be seen as the reason for insecurity in the south east. Some ungodly politicians in the south east are playing politics with Nnamdi Kanu's projects at the detriment of the innocent people. 

It was the failure of the south east Governors to do the right thing for the masses that brought IPOB Terrorists through Nnamdi Kanu to cause problems in the Igboland in the name of Online Biafra.

I am still imagine how can the whole political actors in the south east ganged up to negotiate the release of the criminal who is supposed to bear the brunt by the court of law for the crime as humanity.

The real actors that initiated the struggle for independent Biafra would be somewhere weeping and regretting. The work of the heroes past is obviously in vain if Nnamdi kanu is the successor. 

Things really fell apart in the south east p

olitical dispensation, said Ezendigbo.

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