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2023 Presidency: Extravagant Political Crusaders Can No Way Deliver Good Governance - Ezendigbo

Chief CBN Owuasoanya Ezendigbo, 2023 Applicant from southeastern Nigeria bared reasons why he withdrawn from presidential race. This was made known to the press in the drone discussion, where the gracious ezendigbo said that his withdrawal from the race was as a result of corruption rehearsing in the political parties. Ezendigbo said that he was displeased with party leaders over their decision to carriage the average Nigerians out to dispute political positions by placing huge quantum of money only for interest form. He described similar decision as illegal game. He revealed to the press that Nigeria as a nation has good figures of implicit and good leaders that can bring back the precedences of the nation and good governance But they were outfitted out through the unaffordable huge quantum of money placed for interest form by the party leaders. Ezendigbo condemned completely the idea of buying interest form with similar huge quantum of money. He thus prefer to EMPOWER YOUTHS, WOMEN in Agriculture, rather of buying party's interest form with similar exasperating quantum of money. Ezendigbo puts blame on the bad Governance as reasons behind agitation and terrorism in the Nation. He further revealed to Nigerians that those recovering politicos who adopt and spend huge quantum of money during choices for buying of votes, extravagant crusade charges can noway deliver. They can noway give their stylish for good governance, Rather to refund, squandering and sacking the nation's treasurery for selfish purposes. Formerly again, I Ezendigbo prefers Empowering Youths, Women to spending as exasperating huge quantum of money only for party interest form.

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