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‘A Crying Day’ In Western New York

Death toll from a punishing winter storm continued to climb four days after the snow began on Friday; nearly 30 people were reported dead after the mayor of Buffalo reported eight more fatalities yesterday morning, reported by New York Times. Some were found in stranded vehicles or in snowbanks; others died after being without power for a matter of days. Even as the rescue effort continued, official and emergency workers were reeling from what they said was the extraordinary challenge of saving people in the blizzard, which set records for its duration — 36 straight hours — and 79-mile-an-hour winds. Thousands of U.S. flights were canceled by yesterday afternoon as airlines struggled to recover from the holiday storm, leaving passengers stranded. Many were booked onto flights with Southwest Airlines, which suffered what executives and analysts describe as its biggest operational meltdown in the company’s five-decade history. Anndel Nicole Taylor, a nursing assistant, was among those killed in the storm. On Christmas Day, her family gathered, mourning at what should have been a celebration. Her presents remained wrapped under the tree. “It was just a crying day,” her sister said. “All day long, we just cried.”

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