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Abacha Looted Funds: Corrupt Ex-officios Alive Still Lounge Unethically - Ezendigbo

Ezendigbo believed there is no magic wand to restore Nigeria to a better state, doubtful about the presidential campaigners which one of the contenders may settled the seat of administration in the coming election. Speaking on Abacha looted fund, Chief CBN Onwuasoanya Ezendigbo said, "Let's face the reality like primary academy pupils, if the money's missing, can not we recover lost money? what is the work of the central bank to control all the moneybags of individualities? Does it means the government doesn't have capacity to do that?, he asked. The presidential applicant in the last primaries and the founder of Better Nigeria for Better People averred that, the sickness of the country is that, most of those who have enthralled services and have been contended of corruption were neither charged, are they false allegations or they were caught and were only corrected? Why recovery of Abacha loot has been made possible is because he was dead, Ezendigbo noted. "Let me be straight forward according to' Tunde Idiagbon' who said to' Awolowo' that, "Two of us, one person is a liar but not me. When we say there's no money and money is missing, does it means we were not able to recover our property? How numerous of looters have resigned?." Somebody will go to Ajegunle to collect judgement, another person will go to Port- Harcourt to collect judgement, somebody will go to Nasarawa to collect judgement within the same country, what illustration are they showing us when the outcome was unprinted results. No western world is writing anything about us, they just left us to deal with our predicaments and with the situation of things, I am not seeing any miracle that will happen because I still lack confidence in those pushing forward to lead the country based on evidence of their past services rendered, said Ezendigbo.

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