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Buhari Will Have No Legacy If Corrupt Politicians Still Moves Freely - Ezendigbo

Chief CBN Onwuasoanya Ezendigbo has stated that President Muhammadu Buhari may be far from laying down legacy after his tenure expire and recycled politicians still gallivanting
with money laundered in the guise of serving the country. The detribalized campaign runner for Presidency lament unreadiness of vast majority of players in the political sphere to salvage the country as many resorted to buying their ways to ensure they get into most sensitive positions, Ezendigbo as a matter of fact shut his political camp in the wake of political parties pegged nomination form fee for unaffordable rate which discouraged Young Nigerians and clipped the wing of "Not Too Young To Run" Bill which was believed to initiate fresh ideas into Nigerian polity." "The founder of Better Nigeria For Better People, Chief. CBN Onwuasoanya, After zoom meeting in London bared that, "President Buhari will not have any legacy if corrupt politicians are not prosecuted and recover all looted funds." According to him, Corruption is the key issue, it has given birth to deadly monsters such as banditry, kidnapping for ransom, unemployment, cyber crime among majority of youth when there's no environment provided for many of them to belief in the country, recycled leaders has made the country poor, killed school system, corrupt the judicial system. I suggest there should be no election, because faces of recycled politicians are still the same gearing up towards the exercise, We all aware of what happened in PERU and the emergence of Dina Boluarte, Also in South Africa, thanks to vote casted by the majority of the parliamentarians, following allegations levelled against President Ramaphosa, either genuine or ingenuine, they took bold action averred he must comes with equity to justify himself, just to ensure democracy does not commit suicide,said Ezendigbo.

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