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I Declare To Restore Nigerian’s Qaulity In Diaspora – Ezendigbo Says

Ezendigbo to restore Nigerian’s character in Diaspora. Ezendigbo working hard to attract the stylish from transnational communities. Nigerians in Diaspora to be giving maximum respect as ezendigbo move to enhance the nation’s quality. This was bared to the Journalists at the zoom discussion including Nigerians in Diaspora on the date 26th December 2022, where Ezendigbo the people’s ambassadors unleashed his experience on tenures and endeavourers to rehabilitate the Nigerians venerational structure, Considering the current cheapening political and profitable state of Nigeria which is seen to be a failed nation by the other estimable transnational communities for years now, to that effect has established terrible character against Nigerian citizens substantially in Diaspora, whereas Nigerians seeks shelter in other countries with respects to the shocking system of governance Nigerian state.
In that view, The people’s Ambassador ezendigbo made a step on the gravestone which is a key to success by taking it upon him safe, accepting to move the ministry of saving and restoring the Nigerians quality. likewise, The people’s Ambassador Ezendigbo in his statement outlined the countries in which he has successfully bags support from. In durability, the vibrant ezendigbo on that note promised Nigerians and Diaspora of veneration among other transnational communities. But withnote Ezendigbo bluntly revealed that further and faster respect for Nigeria at large could be achieved if inclusively restore peace and concinnity in the nation. On that note, tasking the civil government to snappily apply cum place the nation’s pride in the commission of nations. gracious Ezendigbo brandished an advice to FG for justice equivalency to all. farther advised that people shouldn't be penalized grounded on their statues in the society, that government should recommend in the constitution that any condemned public functionary should be locked without an option of fine and lose all their means. He concluded by cheering all Nigerian promising noway succumbing to watchdog the political conditioning in the country.

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