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Mourinho Tells FIFA: Revoke African Players Who Represents Other Countries

A fantastic performance by the African teams at the 2022 World Cup, where a national team made it to the last four for the first time. By making it to the semi-finals, Morocco demonstrated excellent performance. France, who struggled greatly tactically and technically, narrowly defeated Morocco. Morocco finished first in group F with 7 points in 2022 after placing last in group B with 1 point in 2018. Senegal finished third in group H in 2018 with 4 points, and second in group A in 2022 with 6 points. Tunisia finished third in group G with 3 points in 2018 and third in group D with 4 points in 2022. With the same number of points as Tunisia, Australia finished second in the group after missing just one goal. The Carthage Eagles replaced them. Africa achieved 7 victories in 2022, with Tunisia defeating incumbent champion France (1-0), Morocco defeating Belgium (2-0), Cameroon defeating Brazil (1-0), Ghana defeating South Korea (3-2), and Senegal defeating Ecuador (2-1). African football’s evolution is evidence that it should no longer be compared to those of South American or European countries. “I want the world to see that Africa is on par with everyone else and that Africans do not lack talent. They have the talent to win any tournament, but the majority of their finest players are playing for other nations instead of their own,” said 360 Sports, the former Samuel Eto’o and Didier Drogba coach, in June.

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