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Nigeria Has Highest Judicial, Lack Respect For Rule Of law - Ezendigbo

Chief CBN Onwuasoanya Ezendigbo, One of the presidential hopefuls who oftenly criticized the corrupt political system in Nigeria, ranging from looting of public funds, high cost of nomination form fees, during the last presidential primaries has stated that Nigeria have failed to respect her judicial system.
Ezendigbo's voice was vocal in term of curbing insecurity and warned against electing wrong leaders as the country prepping for 2023 elections. In what he described as disappointment, Ezendigbo said, The judges are getting more money from the political looters. The political parties are not even obeying their own policy and procedures. They have no regards for themselves and waiting court order, to decide their own policy. Speaking over his experience as presidential aspirant, he said he was ashamed giving millions of naira to political jobbers while there are children who didn't go to school, the way they announce money been looted and nobody was prosecuted is nauseating, he said. People are not free to identify with this country because we do n't value our image and how do we expect others to respect us as a Nation, when you say you're Nigerian, "they see you as a perfidious somebody, "they see you as someone who's not desciplined. No international newspaper to write about us again because they've nothing to write about. Ezendigbo noted that, there are factors to be considered in order to say a nation has respect for rule of law, which are; Constraints on government powers, Absence of corruption, Openness of governments, Fundamental rights, Order and security, Regulatory enforcement, Civil justice, and Criminal justice systems. The first factor measures the effectiveness of the institutional checks on government power as well as the extent of smooth transitions of power. The openness of governments which measures the quality of information published by the government as well as the government’s willingness to listen to specific complaints from the public. The measure of fundamental rights is the measure of the extent of freedom of basic rights of citizens such as speech, belief, privacy, association, he said.

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