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Pele Says Goodbye To Family And Friends From Hospital Bed

Football legend Pele slowly losing battle against Cancer. The condition of the three-time world champion has deteriorated. A viral video shows him struggling to breathe.   The 82-year-old, who had a tumour removed from his colon in September 2021, was admitted to the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein in Sao Paulo on November 29, 2022.   He remained at the hospital on Christmas day with his loved ones by his side. His daughter vowed to be there for him as he receives care in the hospital after his cancer progressed.   In the recent video going viral, Pele is seen surrounded by two ladies who held a phone in front of him while he passed a message across.   British businessman and sports manager Frank Khalid wrote on Twitter: "Pele says goodbye to family and friends from the hospital bed. Football legend, Pele is slowly losing the battle against cancer, family says 'his condition is worsening even further'. " family says ‘he is very serious.'. He knows his time is getting close to an end. He lived his dream He's grateful for life.

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