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Oriontimes Publisher Sends Resounding Message Of Hope To A Real Estate Dealer, Adebisi Nicholas At Birhday

Oriontimes Publisher Rejoices With Adebisi Nicholas At Birthday The publisher of Oriontimes has complimented with Valuer Adebisi Nicholas on his auspicious birthday occasion. In a statement issued; Like a lilly among thorns, Apple tree among the trees of the forestland so is our love for you. You've demonstrated litmus test of integrity structure capacity arounds, what a great moccasins anticipated by the prospective real estate dealers to buckle up with a communication oozing that, later long time perseverance, reaching the loftiest peak is the price of the nature for those who'll noway give up. You were formerly to us in the west a symbol of openness and we believe you'd modify on the wall, lighting the companion of others in the North and transfigure your capacity to change the state, nation of ours anytime soon as the world awaits your coming into spotlight as thousands of butterflies welcomes
the coming of the rain. From us@ Oriontimes, we celebrate with you, families and associates on your grandstyle occasion with the blessing of Almighty God to flow in your home and flourish beyond mortal appreciation, have a better fests and always happy you are one of the stylish abettors .

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