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HAKOLDAM: You've A Large Space In My Heart, Memory

Abioye DAMILOLA, my beloved blood brother prompts me to share the uniqueness of bond that holds us together on his special day. The most amazing past I had with my immediate blood brother is that, "while growing up, we never raised hands to fight one another." I kept it to myself till I broke my silence today and I hope you also would examine if any day has ever occurred under sun, so that I may rebuff this remarkable statement. Some years agone, you were inflicted with domestic injury, had it been such spasmodic occurred by external person, I would have gone extra mile to fight until dead end. From time immemorial, I understand how we were strong together to make sure we were not broken, telling the other side of story how we failed together, but we kept moving. Today, I promise you and all my brothers like soldiers, " A future that's bright, love of brotherhoods, God will shield everyone of you, and take you to the house of never, I care so much, I love you all and my strong message is to strong in God. I have taken enough of my time to celebrate those who never closed to me like you and my first and penultimate brother, who never cry together the way we cried when the hope of having a better future dangled on the rope suicidally. I won't wait for any hour or day when I will send a chopper to pick you or any of my brothers from our country to other countries before I begin to celebrate you all, I won't shock you with what will be coming from me any moment now before the table shifted. Our experience in retrospect has made me a terror of God to always backing my beloved brother's, and one day, I pray there's no litmus test to gauge my love, when I shall oppress your oppressors. Long life and greatness AKOLADE DAMILOLA, TOBI, SAMUEL, from your brother, Abioye Tosin Lawrence, Congratulations.

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