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Oriontimes Publisher Celebrates Anthony TAI Akinsumbo At Birthday

The publisher of Oriontimes has rejoiced with Mr. Anthony TAI Akinsumbo on his auspicious birthday occasion. The person who sows seeds of kindness enjoys a perpetual harvest, you symbolize kindness and very reserved, We trust that the qualities you possessed will always keeps you ahead, brings you into limelight of the global leader of our generation. You're undoubtedly a good advisor, problem solver, We hope you were not nerve-rack about what tomorrow may brings because it's promising beyond what eyes can see. We celebrate with you and all well wishers, associates, stalwarts in the city state you attached yourself as problem solver with the idea of; "Let My People Go, "It's our supplications that you also landed inside 50feet of your 500miles radius of your target on your trip to the world of "ORION."

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