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Putin’s Arrest: Xi Jinping’s Trip To Moscow

As Xi Jinping, China’s leader, prepares to meet with Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, in Moscow this week, Chinese officials have been framing his trip as a mission of peace. But American and European officials are watching to see whether Xi will add fuel to Putin’s full-scale war in Ukraine. U.S. officials say China is still considering giving weapons — mainly artillery shells — to Russia for use in Ukraine. And even a call by Xi for a cease-fire would amount to an effort to strengthen Putin’s battlefield position, they say, by leaving Russia in control of more territory than when the invasion began. American intelligence agencies have concluded that relations between China and Russia have deepened during the war. The two countries continue to conduct joint military exercises, and Beijing has joined Moscow in regularly denouncing NATO. China remains one of the biggest buyers of Russian oil, which has helped Moscow finance its invasion. Charges for Putin: The International Criminal Court issued a warrant for Putin’s arrest on Friday. It claims that Putin bears individual criminal responsibility for the deportation of thousands of Ukrainian children to Russia. The warrant may affect his ability to travel overseas.

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