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The Cost Of Rebuilding Ukraine

In a new estimate, the World Bank said that it would take at least $411 billion to rebuild Ukraine over 10 years, up from a $349 billion estimate last year. The news came as E.U. leaders approved plans to give Ukraine a million artillery shells over the next 12 months to help defend against an intensified Russian assault in the east. As the war grinds on, Ukraine is going through shells faster than the West can produce or supply them. The E.U. will spend up to 2 billion euros, or $2.14 billion, to supply Ukraine with shells, replenish its own national stocks and ramp up Europe’s ammunition production. Spain’s first shipment of modern battle tanks to Ukraine will be delivered next week, the Spanish Defense Ministry said. The move came after the Polish president announced this month that his country would transfer four Soviet-designed MIG fighters to Ukraine.

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