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Osun: Insecurity Cripples Economic Growth, Drying Out Investments, Rising Unemployment - Bright Olorungbotemi

Publisher of Voice Air Media, Bright Olorungbotemi was asking if there has been any transformations by the omnicompetent entity administered to provide for adequate security, employments and other functions of goverment.
In what he describes as sinking, languorous displays by the current, oozing that; On the 26th January, 2023; His Excellency, the Osun State number citizen, Governor Ademola Adeleke, intensified his drive for enhanced partnership with local and multinational firms for direct investment in the heart of the South West of Nigeria's economy, Osun in his statement. Then, what has changed? The issue of insecurity. Insecurity in the state has become something of grave concern to all well-meaning citizens, most of whom continued to wonder how the Land of Virtue arrived at such a dastardly situation where no one is safe; and worse still, rather than abate, the problem is escalating and the matters arising is a recurring phenomenon that threatens the well-being of its citizens. In the past months, Osun state has hijacked the structure of insecurity from Ondo and Ekiti states. These states are well known for kidnappings and other vices, according to report but in the recent days, Osun state has become the leading state in the South-West of Nigeria, this is plagued by a surge in kidnappings, thuggery, domestic crimes, extrajudicial killings and the petty robberies. The state of insecurity in Osun state has assumed a soft spot in political stance and that it has claimed extensive damage and loss of property, I am aware of the efforts of Security Operatives; kudos to your efforts to make the state clean and free of the operations of the hooligans, more strength and capacity to do more. Where did it all start? Since the era of 2020 electioneering campaign, the state has birthed the situation of thuggery, later after election turned to petty robberies and at the same time; kidnapping takes over even in the State capital, OSOGBO is not left out and other communities in the State. The State Government's inability to curb the insecurity on time since the day of Governor Adeleke was sworn-in, which took place at the stadium when sporadic shootings was the order of the day after the ceremony in the city, it gives headroom for their rapid expansion and replication despite the pressure from residents. However, absolute poverty, illiteracy, and neglect of the Youths in the state created ready pools of recruits that found solace in the use of ammunition. The impact of insecurity on the economy According to experts, insecurity affects economic growth by drying out investments, increasing unemployment, and dwindling government revenue, among others. The impact of insecurity is reflected in the performance of macroeconomic indicators, investment inflow as well as economic performance. The insecurity challenge also affected other sectors in terms of government revenue allocation as the security budget will continue to increase. Also, don't be surprised that due to this hotspot activities that threatened peace and security, people will be forced to move to safer locations outside the state if the situation persists. And you know what it means, a set back for the state revenue. Solutions to curb insecurity The possible and viable solution is to solve unemployment, this is critical to ensuring a safe society with progressive and productive individuals working hard to make the state great. There is a need to reconsider the sacked Teachers; sacked 10,000 Youths in the state which turns to the introduction of Imole Youth corps should be fast track and the truth is; Imole Youth Corps is not enough; creation of permanent job, training and REHABILITATION OF THUGS will do. There must be room for grant or loan to youths for business startup. My findings revealed that Local Government across the State needs staff, look at this area. His excellency. To be secured, we must revamp our leadership recruitment criteria and stick to them religiously and honestly. There is a need to interrogate the type of education that we are giving to our younger generation. Is it the one that guarantees our safety tomorrow or the one that will pull us deeper into insecurity? These are the factors we must consider critically. ©Bright Gbotemi, Publisher of Voice Air Media.

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