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I Wasn't Surprised Hushpuppi Got Arrested Because I Warned Him – Soso Soberekon

Soso Soberekon who said this during a recent interview disclosed that Hushpuppi was his friend and used to hang out with him any time he traveled to Dubai.

He mentioned that he warned him over his luxurious spending and flaunting of his wealth online before his arrest.

Soso Soberekon further added that he gets heartbroken anytime the youths try to get their hands dirty through fraudulent activities, money rituals, or other criminal ways to make quick money.

He advised youths to develop the spirit of patience in relation to making money and living comfortably in life.

Hushpuppi and his colleague Mr. Woodberry pleaded guilty in the United State court and were asked to return $8 Million stolen during their fraudulent activities after they were both sentenced to 10 years in imprisonment.

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