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Sudan Crises: A Dystopian Nightmare In Western Region Of Darfur


Deadly fighting between two military factions has swept across Sudan to the western region of Darfur, an area already blighted by decades of genocidal violence. In mid-May, at least 280 people were killed in two days after gunmen backed by paramilitary forces launched a frenzied attack on the city of El Geneina, NYT reports.

Displaced people, humanitarian workers, U.N. officials and analysts say that the region is now besieged by levels of violence unlike any in recent years. More than 370,000 people have fled Darfur in the past seven weeks, seeking refuge in neighboring countries.

“The situation is catastrophic in parts of Darfur,” said Toby Harward, the coordinator in Darfur for the U.N. refugee agency. “Its people are living in a dystopian nightmare where there is no law and order.”


Truce agreements have failed to end the fighting, and peace talks in Saudi Arabia were formally suspended last Thursday.

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