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Ukrainian Forces Mounts A Major Offensive Against Russia


Ukrainian forces mounted a major attack early yesterday in the southern region of Zaporizhzhia, in what U.S. officials said appeared to be a main thrust of its long-anticipated counteroffensive against Russia. There was no indication of a breakthrough in an operation that carries high stakes for Kyiv and its Western allies, who have supplied it with billions of dollars worth of weapons.

In recent days, Russia has also reported that Ukrainian forces have launched attacks on fronts in the east and south. Taken together, these attacks suggest Ukrainian forces are increasingly on the offensive, though it remains unclear whether the recent assaults on Russian are preludes to a larger push or mark the start of the main attack.

Russian military officials said that their forces had withstood the assault and inflicted heavy casualties. The U.S. confirmed that Ukraine’s Army had suffered casualties in the early fighting. There was no immediate comment from Ukraine, which has said it will remain silent on details.

Dam destruction: Russia shelled the flood-stricken city of Kherson. Hundreds of people who had gathered to evacuate scrambled for cover as explosions rang out.

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