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Drone Attacks On Moscow


Russian officials have reported intercepting at least 12 drones headed for Moscow over the last three weeks, including two overnight on Tuesday, suggesting that such attacks are now taking the war to Russia’s capital on a near-daily basis. Not every drone appears to have been intercepted: Last week, a government building in central Moscow was twice struck in 48 hours.

The claims could not be independently verified. But Ukrainian officials have acknowledged that some attacks were orchestrated by Kyiv, making it increasingly clear that they will not allow the war to be limited to their own soil.

While the Russian authorities have largely tried to play down the risks of drone attacks, Dmitri Peskov, the Kremlin’s spokesman, spoke last week of “a clear threat,” adding that “measures are being taken” to build up defenses around the capital.

Since the beginning of May, Russia’s Defense Ministry has reported at least 28 drone attacks on Russian soil. The assaults have reached deep into Russian territory and have been aimed at symbolic and military targets, including the strike near the Kremlin.

Repercussions: Shock waves from a drone attack along the Danube River last week, mere yards from Ukraine, shattered windows in Plauru, a Romanian hamlet with just a dozen tumbledown homes.

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