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If You're In A Wrong Place, It's Impossible To Fulfil Destiny - Lawrence BornRoyal

BETHSIADA happened to be a place where people's miracles were swallowed up. Your own bethsaida is a place where God saves you from many dangers but you did not yield yourself to him. Where God healed you but you did not draw back to him.

"Today, get out of that town where people sees you as a tree but not as a human being. You have spent many decades in a particular place and nothing changes about your life, for that reason you gave up on your dreams and living your life like mannequin. Get up and leave now.

Progress they say, is impossible without change, that your comfort zone can ruin destiny. It had ruined many destinies, it was the same place where those who fought before you fell and never stood up. walk out where you're being tied down like goat and convey your cross of emancipation today.

Never underestimate what the Lord can perform through your life. Be a kind of person that leaves people in shock about your progress. You have to keep running until you get to that place where God has planned for you. Nobody can stop you if God is the one taking you on a journey.

"Aeroplane answers the whispering voice, when you are with people who don't value your glory, 'they will treat you like fragile glass because not everyone knows what kind of mission you're being reserved for. They will colonise you like greatmen we read their stories in the bible, but in your humbleness and inner cries to the naturing natured. God will lift you up same way you see aeroplane taking off from ground to the sky."

Align with the only one that is leading you on a journey and that your ambition which makes you to be pannicking everyday will be like a miracle once you're no more in bethsaida.

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