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Illiterates Are Great Business Builders


No matter how level of our education, if we do not allow successful people in business to guide us in term of prerequisite knowledge needed to thrive, the probability of making it in life is very slim.

Illiterates are making it in business because they are ready to listen and understand more than those bragging they have certificates.

Scholar, people are watching how well you're doing with that your certificate, you need to build your own house, ride your dreamed car but please, allow those who know ahead of you guide you in any business, submit yourself totally and you will win.

That you can speak good English, brilliant academically does not guarantee success, but when you can apply your brilliancy to dynamically succeed in business environment. Forget about who you are, your connection and little salary you're getting when you're not even free to attend to other important things in life, pursue your goal and yield positively. Erase the mentality of someone would pay you at the end of the month, they cannot overpay you even more than your worth.

Government will not responsible for your failure at the end of your fairytale, it goes and comes. you also can build business for yourself and risk to the top 'if illiterate can buy a private jet? "What's the essence of you not risking??.

"Stop the habit of I have my certificate, it doesn't work in a Nation like Nigeria while the arrogance of being scholar makes opportunities slips away. Be humble to learn new thing and give it time to build what you started or ventures your time and energy, there are lots of businesses that can make ones to ignore any government offer, that can execute life ambition because without capital, 'we cannot actualize any ambition."

These generational leaders and their policies are not friendly for young people to thrive. In these sense, we need God and humility to pull through, time is going, age waits for nobody. At a certain time there won't be energy to work and that's when life begin to showing the other side we never prayed to witness.

Abioye Tosin Lawrence writes from Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso.

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