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Birthday Tribute To Comrade Tosin Abioye - Tioluwani Joseph


In the realm of ink and paper, where stories come alive, Stands a comrade noble, with passion that thrives.

 Tosin Abioye, a journalist by trade, With words that enlighten, never fade. An activist's heart beats within his chest, Fighting for justice, he never rests. 

A scholar of wisdom, seeking truth's light, In knowledge and learning, his spirit takes flight. But beyond the pages, in God's loving grace, Tosin Abioye finds his sacred place.

 A true Christian soul, with love that's pure, Spreading kindness and compassion for sure. A lover of sport, with spirit untamed, In the field of play, his heart is aflame. With every victory and every defeat, He finds lessons profound, his journey complete. 

On this day of celebration, we honor you, Tosin, dear friend, with wishes so true. May your path be illuminated, every step of the way, Guided by God's hand, come what may. 

May your words inspire change, in hearts near and far. As you shine your light Like a radiant star, May your activism bear fruit for justice to prevail, and may your scholarly pursues unveil wisdom.

 May your love for sports bring joy, laughter, and fun as you cherish each moment under the sun.

 And may your faith in God be ever strong and sincere, filling your life with blessings year after year. Happy birthday, Tosin! May your day be bright, filled with love, laughter, and pure delight. With prayers of encouragement, we lift you up. 

May you continue to love in all that you do.


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