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BREAKING: Moses Anifowose: Family Members Renage Promises Over N12M Looted In Burkina-Faso


Over two months ago, Moses of Olugbeku Family, in Efon Alaaye, ran away with hard-earned money of 12 Nigerians in Burkina-Faso.

It could be recalled that Moses Anifowose was on his heel, after news of his atrocious crimes went viral, but the family members who doesn't want their names broadcast pleaded on behalf of Moses, promised to get back, refund the affected victims.

Report confirmed that the WhatsApp number ( +234 813 641 4056) which one of the family members (name witheld) used to communicate with one of the affected vitims is no longer active, thereby raising a doubt that the families faked promises to ensuring Moses matter is swept under the carpet.

Moses Anifowose, was alleged of collecting back the registration money of numerous Nigerians invited to Burkina-Faso to the tone of 12million naira, after payment has been made into account of the house leader, Gbenga Adeniyi Lawrence (Doctor )who took after Moses as leader.

Moses, who was appointed leader of the networking business, prevented many Nigerians from having indebt knowledge about the business as he usually advised that, "Getting mail message to confirm registration does not matter in the business, unless invitees gets another two persons either by professional and non professional method which was the laid down as normal

rule of the business.

Moses, was however exposed by an online reporter, he ran away during morning devotion, which led into arrest of his childhood friend (Doctor) who's now facing the burkinabe government in a legal trail.

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