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Deportation Bill: U.K Govt To Put Asylum Seekers On One-way Flights To Rwanda


Britain’s Conservative government finally won passage of its Rwanda deportation bill, enshrining a law that human-rights campaigners say is inhumane, immigration experts say is unworkable and legal critics say has corroded the country’s reputation for rule of law.

The legislation is designed to allow the government to put some asylum seekers on one-way flights to Rwanda, where they would have their claims processed.


If they were then granted refugee status, they would be resettled in Rwanda, not Britain. But any deportation attempts are likely to encounter further legal challenges, making it unlikely that large numbers of asylum seekers will eRwanda sent to Rwanda.

Flights will also depend on there being an aircraft available to transport migrants in the wake of difficulties finding an airline willing to charter flights.

But Mr Sunak said an airfield is “on stand-by” and commercial charter planes have been booked “for specific slots”.

According to The Times, Downing Street has drawn up plans to order the Ministry of Defence to repurpose at least one leased aircraft like an RAF Voyager, if required.

Asked whether it was appropriate to use RAF planes, the Prime Minister told broadcasters: “My priority is to stop the boats.”

Although campaigners have called on AirTanker, the company which supplies Voyager to the RAF, not to get involved and claimed tens of thousands of people had written urging the same.

Meanwhile, UN experts have raised concerns about the role of airlines and aviation authorities in facilitating the removals.

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