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Osun State Logo Design Contest: A Keen Contest To Rebrand Osun


Barely some days ago, The Executive Governor of Osun State, Sen. Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke, declared the Constitution of a Panel of Judges to decide the outcome of a logo contest he had ordered earlier.

The move by the Governor has been described as a way of rebranding and carving better image in the comity of States, reported by Oriontimes.

Osun citizens wanted excellent branding that will adequately represent her identity and project the limitless potential of the State.

Work was set up, with a collective resolve to pick the best of the logo designs, thereby serving the interest of the people and promoting inclusiveness in critical government decisions.

Vital conditions which the ideal logo must meet were set out by the committee, These are:

1. Creativity, reflected in how much the design deploys innovation in the presentation of its ideas.

2. Uniqueness, reflected in how much it differs from any existing State Government logo in the country.

3. Symbolism, reflected in how much the logo presents ideas that symbolize critical sectors of the State - Agriculture, Mining, Tourism, etc.

The committee reviewed over three hundred (300) logo submissions, showing the dexterity and innovation of the youths of Nigeria and Osun State. It was indeed a keen contest.

At the end of the very thorough review process, the Committee presented a shortlist of 5 logo designs to the Executive Governor from which he selected the top three designs, in collaboration with some of his top aides. The top three designs are by:

1. Mogaji Bolaji Abdullah

2. Ayoola Simeon

3. Busari Tola (on behalf of a group of Osun-based Graphics Designers)

The Executive Governor has since unveiled the top design as the new logo of the State, as Government's rebranding efforts continue.

Prizes for the top three designers will be unveiled in a couple of days, while the designers themselves will be formall

y hosted by relevant offices of government.

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