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We've Created 15 Million New Jobs Since Inception In Office - Biden

Since I took office, we’ve created a record 15 million new jobs, And, folks, unemployment hasn’t been this low for this long in over 50 years, says U.S. President Joe Biden.

The president, who's seeking re-election made a strong assertion on Biden/Harris platform, "After Donald Trump left office with the worst jobs record since the Great Depression, Our administration is building economy from the bottom up and middle out – and making enormous progress."

Nearly 15 million new jobs, unemployment below 4% for two full years – the longest stretch in half a century, inflation falling, and wages, wealth, and employment are higher now than they were before the pandemic. 

While we’ve made enormous progress, President Biden understands that middle-class life is too expensive right now. That is why laws to lower prescription drug costs, health care premiums, and energy costs were passed.

We will keep working every day to lower the cost of living, because he knows there is more work to do, 

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