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Current Arsenal Side Are Too Cautious To Win Any Silverware - Jens Lehmann


Former Arsenal goal keeper, Jens Lehmann heaped praises on gunners Coach, Mikel Arteta, said has done a great job but was very disappointed with how the team lost to Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

'Afterwards, they showed a great reaction beating Chelsea and Tottenham. But to be a big club, you have to win trophies,' added Lehmann, who was part of the 'Invincibles' side that went unbeaten in 2003-04 when Arsenal last won the Premier League.

'They're very different to us (Invincibles) in their approach - much more cautious and slower with the ball. Physically, they run a lot more and have more high-intensity runs but they don't play faster than us because we were a one-touch team. They all take three, four touches at a time. And if you're too cautious in football, you can't win trophies. Most of the time, the bravest teams win the league. I would love them to win the title but that has cost them in certain games,' said Lehmann.

'It's 20 years since we won the league and I hope Arsenal win but it's not in their own hands anymore and that's a weakness,' the 54-year-old added.

Lehmann, who played for Arsenal between 2003 and 2008, admitted that he is still baffled by Mikel Arteta's decision to drop Aaron Ramsdale for David Raya earlier in the season.

'I never ever understood the (Aaron) Ramsdale decision. If you have a good, brave English keeper at a big English club doing well and then you bring in a Spanish guy who's never played for a big club at that level - it just doesn't make sense,' Lehmann insisted.

In September, Arteta decided to bring in David Raya, who was signed on loan from Brentford in the summer and the Spaniard has since played in every Premier League game apart from the two games against his parent club, where he has been ineligible.

'The keeper is the most important position in the team. If I were Ramsdale, I don't know how I would react because it's not easy at that age. When you're older, it's different,' he added.

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