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How Wicked People Reconfigures QNET In Africa To Swindle Africans

People across African nations who are victims of being swindled have begin to fi

ghting back the reconfiguration process which has led many to loss of properties, hard-earned money and relationship of their beloved friends and families in QNET business.

The fact is that the QNET agents in Africa continue to packaging the multilevel marketing business with innumerous lies to believe the business is the most paying in the world.

The case of QNET fraud in Burkina-Faso is still fresh as most lodges were emptied after truth about the business was later revealed, some leaders of the lodges were unable to leave with their luggages, after an investigative reporter spent 3 months  delving into how people's life's are being ruined.

They collected many people's money in millions for registraion while many prospects languished in foreign land, some had to contact back their families for help to return back home.

Some victims in Africa have been protesting against the multilevel marketing business to vacate the continent. 

Jude Bellingham, in a post obtained via WhatsApp wrote;

 QNet, a Hong Kong-based direct selling company, has been banned or restricted in several countries due to legal and regulatory issues. Some of these countries include:

1. Rwanda: QNet was banned in 2017 due to allegations of pyramid schemes and fraud.

2. Sudan: The company was banned in 2019 due to violations of the country's consumer protection laws.

3. Sri Lanka: QNet was banned in 2015, but the ban was later lifted in 2017 after the company agreed to comply with local regulations.

4. India: QNet faces legal challenges and investigations in India, where it has been accused of fraud and operating a pyramid scheme.

5. Iran: QNet was banned in 2019 due to allegations of fraud and illegal business activities.

6. Afghanistan: The company was banned in 2020 due to violations of local laws and regulations.

7. Saudi Arabia: QNet faces legal challenges and restrictions in Saudi Arabia, where it has been accused of operating a pyramid scheme.

Please note that this list may not be exhaustive, and the legal status of QNet can vary depending on the country and region.

If you have any further questions or need more information, feel free to ask!

@JP reacts to @Jude Bellingham 

Even the original business owner is not bigger than the entire universe, effort will be mustered to kick against pseudoscience in Qnet business in Africa.

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