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N12M Looted: Effort To Run 10Years, Lifelong Advert On Moses Anifowose Underway, Untill His Waterloo


It's not farfetch to say that Moses Anifowose was birthed from a family that doesn't care, respect human being,they confirmed his atrocious crimes in Burkina-Faso and calmed down innumerous victims for recompense but failed.

They must be dealing with wrong person among many people, how could such a greedy human being decide to ruin the careers of so many people, assuming he betrayed his Ekiti and Efon Alaaye people, he totally messed up with wrong person from other state which must be strongly responded to by any far-rights.

If we run ten years or lifelong advert on him, I think it will be a case to be handled by the international community, he's not wiser than the universe and the family has just stepped into a case whereby life will be bent across their necks.

As a comrade of history, I warned him severally and prevented people from harassing him despite we learnt he had used hard-earned money of people, those who borrowed loans, those who sold their properties.

He's not bicephalous enough in nature to hid his face under this planet. As a responsible family who are only after the image of their son, threatened the writer who exposed the folk to pull down the story initially published, they will soon get tired and bow to Almighty God because, there's normal way to resolve issues like that, but playing deaf ears will be a grave mistake of the century.

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