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Over N150 Million Disbursed To Business Owners To Rigig Osun Economy - Aaraj Foundation


In order to curtail the impact of fuel  subsidy, the Aaraj Empowerment Foundation, founded by Engineer Kehinde Raji, often known as AARAJ, has provided approximately N150 million for business people and women in Osun state. 

Engineer Raji, disclosed this on Saturday, 4th of May, 2024. during the 4th Edition of Osun Online Publishers Association (OOPA) Media Parley, barring that his organization released this much money to improve the state economy and lessen the suffering of the people. 

He claimed that a major impediment in the nationwide increase in the cost of goods was the Federal Government's elimination of the subsidy.

 "Those with N50,000 or N100,000 for their business can no longer purchase N15,000 worth of items, which is why millions of naira were injected in January and before to that. "We have provided nano traders with 20 to 30 million, and we recently provided another to help ease their suffering through the business support fund. We give newly graduated business owners to help offset the impact of the removal of subsidies."

 Speaking about President Bola Tinubu's decision to remove the fuel subsidy, Engineer Raji stated that the president has the best interests of the Nigerian people in mind and that the previous administration had mishandled the nation. 

The country of Nigeria was long mismanaged before President Tinubu took office.

"I promise that Nigeria would change for the better in a year. Although things may change in the next month or two, the current state of affairs in the nation is the reason why the Aaraj Foundation developed our small package for those less privilege. 

The Dangote refinery has just begun operations, and the Port Harcourt refinery is currently operating at a 60% productivity level. He emphasised, "I can assure Nigerians and honestly, President Bola Tinubu meant well for this country. Politics aside, we need to love this country and I believe won't be disappointed with our prayers and support."

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