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Protesters Disrupted Israeli Memorial Day Events


Israelis gathered across the country yesterday for the first national day of mourning for victims of war or terrorist attacks since the Hamas-led Oct. 7 assault. 

Protesters disrupted several ceremonies and heckled Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, as they demanded that government officials do more to secure the release of hostages.

The protests underscored the strength of the anguish over the war in the Gaza Strip, the fate of hostages taken on Oct. 7 and domestic politics.

According to The New York Times, About 240 people were abducted by Hamas in the attacks, and the Israeli government has so far secured the release of more than 100.

In Gaza, Israeli airstrikes yesterday shook the northern and southern ends of the territory, with the military saying it had struck more than 120 targets over the past 24 hours. 

Ground troops also engaged Hamas fighters in several locations, the Israeli military said. Amid the fighting, tens of thousands of civilians fled, seeking safety.

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