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BUDGET: Give Yourself For Services As Enshrined In Constitution, Nigerians Are Tired Of Feeding Politicians - Ezendigbo


Looking at the way our Budget is made, I think that our Government does not love our Country. Neither does our senators and National Assembly members. They do not have the feeling to nurture our children in this Country.

Imagine Six (6) billion in salaries alone. Not in administrative costs and we say that we are a poor Country.The median age in this Country is nineteen years old. We should consider the life and livelihood of our children first.

The Founder of Better Nigeria for Better People, and the Presidential Aspirant in the last general elections, Chief CBN Onwuasoanya Ezendigbo, revealed in a communique to the Stakeholders conference.

According to the veteran leader, he pleaded:

"You should be investing in education and in health rather than paying yourselves and feeding yourselves out of the poor people of this Country. Starting with the National Assembly; to see the salary of the Hon. Speaker increased from Six hundred and fifty eight thousand (658,000) to one million five hundred and sixty (1,000,560).

I feel ashamed that you do not know the meaning of a constituency representation of a Honourable Member and what it takes to be a Law Maker."

"You should give yourself for service.

You did not give yourself for the poor people to feed you and your family. It didn't even end at that alone. I am embarrassed that you are only interested in sharing the National Cake and milking the Nation's resources dry in the name of budgeting.

Through all kinds of unimaginable allowances you pay to yourself; residential allowance, recess allowance, holiday allowance, monthly new vehicle allowance, maintenance allowance, newspaper allowance, wardrobe allowance, furniture allowance, feeding allowance, etc."

"For goodness sake, you took an oath to serve and to give back to the society not to enrich yourself. Even if you go to the Constitution which you made it says that you should not deliberately enrich yourselves and increasing your salaries is deliberately enriching yourselves and that is an embarrassment.

You offered yourselves for for service. You are not appointed. You were elected." 

"If you go to the Office of the President. You will see new ICT units. 

Why would the President need another ICT. Why would His Excellency want sixteenth (16) advisers, how many Ministers does he have in addition to the new Ministries. If the President is saying that the Ministers are not good enough, implying that his Ministers are not good, let him sack them and appoint new advisers.

The Ministers according to our Constitution should be competent enough to advise him on any policy under their respective Ministries.

But as a poor Country we can not be paying his Ministers and be paying his advisers and also be paying deputy advisers."

"We are a poor Country. Instead of thinking of yourselves think of the poor masses of the Country. Six (6) billion in emoluments alone! 

Little wonder, when a politician is appointed as a Minister; before two months he marries a new wife, buy expensive luxury cars and homes abroad at the expense of his Country. You should hide your Face in shame.

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