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Captain Traore's Agric Revolution In Burkina Faso, A Disgrace To Nigeria In Africa - Ezendigbo


....Ezendigbo reacts as former uruguayan president and traore of burkina-faso names world's best leaders.

The founder of Better Nigeria for better people, Chief. CBN, Onwuasoanya Ezendigbo has reacted to the trending video depicting the best template to  serve as a good leader of any Nation.

In a viral video that contains 9:56 minutes, titled, " How Two Poorest Presidents In The World Made Their Country Rich By Good Governance And Transparency", highlighted the performances of Burkina-Faso Head of States, Ibrahim Traore and Jose Mujica, the former president of Uruguay between 2010-2015, who donated 90 Per cent of his monthly salary,  equivalent to $12,500 to charity.

Speaking in an interview, The presidential aspirant in the last general elections, Ezendigbo said, Nigerians doesn't have record of their own citizens, that's why election is possible to rig which is a disgrace to the world.

According to him, although , I am not in support of the military regime in any country, people can check back what my opinion and conjunction are with the Netherlands. They are based in agricultural markets and feeding even Japanese.

 If Ibrahim Traore could succeed on his agric revolution, it'll be a disgrace to Nigeria in Africa, I don't understand what impedes the so called crooks from making tractors available in all local governments.

With what Traore is trying to do in Burkina-Faso, I am very sure they can feed the whole Africa because his regime has snubbed buying SUV vehicles unlike our country where vehicles are gifted to local government chairmen, state Executives, Assemblies and the likes. 

Burkina Faso's 36-year-old military head of state, captain Ibrahim Traore handed over 400 tractors, 239 motorcycles, and 710 motor pumps to agricultural investors to boost production.

The government also provided 714 motorcycles for farm agents.

Additionally, the government will support producers with 10,000 tonnes of fish food, 68,964 tonnes of fertilizer, 10,000 liters of phytosanitary products, 18,000 tonnes of vegetable seeds, 2,300 tonnes of feed seeds, and 10,000 tonnes of concentrated foods.

"I could recall when we were in primary school, we used to cultivate land for yam produce, and shares after harvested to children, we were thought how to make brooms, anyone who wishes to fact check can go on a visit across local government of many states  in Nigeria today, you barely find a tractor and people are bemoaning of hunger.

Today, the prices of goods in the market is unbearable, inflation keep rising to barest minimum, that's why some Nigerians are scattered all over the world, because not everyone can endure the ongoing hardship.

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  1. Sir. May God bless you for the honest contribution... Keep up with good work you are doing... More grace to your elbow

  2. Well said , tanks for your sincerity.