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Ezendigbo Queries Biafra's Stance As Nnamdi Kanu Seeks Negotiation With Federal Government

The imaginary Online Biafra Boss, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on Wednesday, denounced killings in the South-East over the group’s agitation for secession, appealed for an out-of-court settlement of his ongoing treason trial by the Federal Government.

The Separative leader MNK, who has been in detention since 2021 following his re-arrest in Kenya and repatriation to Nigeria, made the appeal on Wednesday when he appeared for the continuation of his trial at the Federal High Court in Abuja.

At the proper court proceedings, Kanu, through his lawyer, Aloy Ejimakor, informed Justice Binta Nyako and the prosecuting counsel, Chief Adegboyega Awomolo (SAN), that “the defence wants the case settled out of court, Awomolo told MNK’s team to “approach the Attorney General of the Federation, on such issues as the power to grant such resides with him.”

The court held that it could not overrule itself on issues it had already resolved, Justice Nyako held that the only option left for the applicant was to proceed on appeal. Meanwhile, the apex Igbo sociopolitical expert and leader of Better Nigeria for Better People, and the Presidential Aspirant in the last general elections, Chief CBN Ezendigbo, welcomed Nnamdi Kanu’s proposal for out-of-court Negotiations and settlement, But queried as follows;

Has MNK become a saboteur, Is it no longer Biafra on Dead, Has he pleaded guilty of all the changes, Is he going to accept Oil Well in place of Biafra, he asked.

"With whom does he intend to negotiate with, the "ZOO Country" that have long expired or the Federal Republic of Nigeria? Who will be the mediator, United Nations or the OHANEZE ATÚRÚ, What are the conditions and criteria for negotiation, he asked."

According to Ezendigbo, Is a cease-fire foreseeable? Can MNK call off the unending sit at home and other related terror activities in the South East, Can he guarantee an end to kidnapping, burning down of police stations.

"Are the Online Biafran Soldiers ready to hand over their weapons, Will the Online Biafran Soldiers stop earning their living through terrorism, he queried.

Lastly, what will be the faith of people who lost their jobs, business, lives, livelihoods, properties, families, loved ones, Is he negotiating with Jubril of Sudan? Is he negotiating with an expired country?.

Why must he Nnamdi Kanu asking for negotiating of his freedom?. He must first of all stopped insecurities around Southeast of Nigeria to prove his authority of ceasefire for at least one month, said Ezendigbo.

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