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My Ordeal At Qnet Company In Burkina Faso Among Over 50 Men From Ekiti State


....why i was named general in burkina-faso

When I wanted to pull out of the country to Burkina-Faso, I reached out to people for support but no one except my blood brother, I was badly looking to getting 1.2million naira but had to leave in faith.

I got to Burkina-Faso despite taking along with me almost #1,000,000, sold all I worked for in Nigeria.

I was welcomed into a lodge by Ekiti men who were almost fifty in number.

I had briefed intelligent officer in Nigeria about my movement on the night I arrived, looking suspicion if I was in wrong hand, but told the officer to give me 90 days to complete my investigations.

I was taken to office where i met numerous Nigerians, but offices there were many, Nigerians there were about 33,000 in population, I got to know during football competition.

Though , my registration money was not complete and I was told to bring two people after, me that sold everything and even took loan, they're now telling me they don't dig gold but deals with invincible gold, address was not the same as one i got before I left Nigeria.

When they explained the business, I took interest in it because it worth inviting people to make it in their entire life.

I was brought into paradigm class where they introduced to me a networking business which I needed two people to be under my network, three people came for me which almost ruined my career. The company trained us to prospect in two ways.

1. Professional; explaining the real fact of products the company sells such as Chi-pendant, Biodisc e.t.c.

2. Non professional; Use same method they used to invite me to prospect because if you tell some people it's networking business they won't come; thereby we must help lift two people out of poverty and get paid in dollar for good 90years.

My registration was delayed, meanwhile, a folk who was the leader of the lodge from Efon Alaaye, Ekiti State, Nigeria, Moses Anifowose, delayed my registration due to incomplete money. Not knowing the folk was processing Canada.

After my two prospects arrived, I was seeing them as latest millionaires not knowing Moses was created to deal with us.

The registration of the two guys who came to register under my network delayed like myself and thereby raising doubt, no mail message, no tracking code. After 3 weeks,  the bean spilled to extent that all of us affected were about 12 in number which means 12 million naira is in wrong calabash.

When third prospect arrived, he was aware of how Moses was given house arrest and he didn't say anything but started doubting my integrity. I was happy I had build a team that we needed to play politics and see the root of the business and fight for our rights, the third guy I relied upon as a comrade. Unknown to me he was busy spying me around as if I invited him to dupe him.

Moses Anifowose, was given house arrest until he ran away during morning devotion with the aide of his Efon Alaaye allies, as one guy named SOPE, volunteerd to watch over him, he slept at the upper floor that night with Moses before he ran away.

I immediately called Moses that if he didn't run back to the lodge I will close the door of Nigeria against him. I began with my action, a minority among families of Ekiti State, even police officer was among, including those who resigned from Power Holding Company with the aim to succeed in life.

Doctors, engineers, police officers and big Igbo men and women, Yorubas, graduates are many there.

I used my pen to write the entire world about what Moses did to us, everywhere bursted with great noise in a military led country.

The two guys I brought ran to police station, police came to the lodge but I was bold before all folks since I was a victim and no one paid money into my account for registration, I also needed to recover my money and fight for everyone. 

They arrested a leader who took after Moses Anifowose and SOPE who secured him that night he ran away.

Ekiti State Police headquarters had been informed with the breaking news of what Efon Alaaye born Moses Anifowose did. Some politicians were making arrangements to evacuate their sons and or daughters. I promised nobody, a Nigerian would remain in that country, I became actor, leaving the gated semi-detached duplex by sleeping in veranda, next to me was scaffolding, I could easily jump into main road incase of any strange attack or attempt to stampede me.

I was very prayerful and my praying time in Burkina-Faso, I was very sure if I die I would make heaven, I give to guys who had nothing to eat, buys them breakfast which made majority of Ekiti guys who was duped by their own brother @ Moses begin seeing me as a leader.

I was invited by the french polices, people in the lodge had ran away, I made sure I defended the truthful man of God invited alongside me. Because I smelt rat he was about to get roped, being the one who invited SOPE the man who was interchanged to secure Moses in the night after meeting,before he ran away.

The policemen saw most actions I ever took, they told me to go back home safely, I got to the lodge and people started chanting, "you're no longer a COMRADE but a "GENERAL " ,the third guy whose my intention was to lifted out of poverty had gone back to Nigeria and thereby declaring me as scammer, I was shocked, these guy's registration was completed and he got mail message, I followed the company's rule prospecting non professional, but when he came, I explained the business and he said he's interested, he signed form, attended classes before giving excuse that his son was sick and had to go home.

The only mistake I ever made in my life!

The families of Moses Anifowose started begging me, promised to refund every victims, threaten that I remove the news from websites, the business had crashed for everyone on Moses Anifowose's network.

 They leaders vacated the country one after the other without carrying their luggages after the arrest of a leader next to Moses, meanwhile, Moses always went back to collect registration money of new prospect from the company, lying that they had gone back to Nigeria and doesn't have interest in the business til the fund he looted amount to 12million. His childhood friend who became leader after him is now held in captivity by burkinabe government in police custody.

Meanwhile, family of Moses Anifowose failed in their promises to refund us. They cannot go away with it.

I left the country after my efforts, but today I am happy the government had ordered foreigners to vacate and paraded the offices with helicopter.

I am not a soldier, but aside my Nation as a Comrade, I have made history in Africa, loosing people from bondage. 

"Honorary General of Bobo-Dioulasso" The Mainframe.

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