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You Can't Have Online Biafra Killing Your Own People - CBN Onwuasoanya Ezendigbo

 Chief, CBN. Onwuasoanya Ezendigbo, has once more scoffed at the continuous Sit at home in Southeast, pointing to the serious effects it has had on the economy of the region as the country's hardships become more severe.

The move was characterized as an effort to demolish Igbo land, said the founder of Better Nigeria for Better People. "You guys are heartless in pursuing the agenda in light of the present and the difficulties that exist even around the world.

Sit-at-Home Monday to Friday making the most distractive monetary damage against N'digbo, this is simply unspeakable atrocity, blameless individuals in igbo land as you are killing your own business, killing the guiltless kids while they can't go to school.

The killing that is taking place in Igbo land cannot lead to the so-called artificial Online Biafra Sit-at-Home.

You decide to kill anyone who asks questions, to kill your own business, and to kill education in your own location. You decide to kill important people in Igbo territory. You decide to kill even your own fellow police officers. You decide to kill members of your own military. 

My sincere inquiry regarding the dictatorship that is intimidating and harassing N'digbo. How many people will you eat daily if you receive this fictitious online Biafra? I don't think anyone with any sense would think this way. He stated that a wise man only needs one word.

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