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Digital Media: SOJ's Seven Years Memoir Reminds Me Of My Bump Ride So Far


I read SOJ's seven years memoir in the field of journalism which reminds me of my rough roads too. I started fainting at a certain point due to sleepless nights. But, the day I had a better sleep with the thought I had swept the board was when the team "Governor Adeleke" met with our association and his spokesperson, Mallam Olawale Rasheed, said, the team recognizes my brand, despite the fact that I had always love to publishes foreign stories due to my ambition to cover international event live one day.

Although, the journey had just begun last year but til today, I have never engaged anyone as a staff since after 4years of operation.

I shouldn't have attended Nigerian Army event after myself and

Austin Peace Maker, had a lengthy conversation as first major outing because I did not wanted my associate members invited for an event whereby they won't be able to recoup money for data subscription. But after the event, I found reasons to render some services even without expecting much but is necessary to be treated rightly, so as to remain in the business.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Army seminar really uncovered some hidden efforts of our galant soldiers as we citizens were not helping them to win against enemies of the Nation.

"Although, myself and Ambassador Ade Mario who was a close ally to Austin Peace Maker then have had a dispute shortly before I kick start my new profession as a journalist, just because I was invited to attend a program in Lagos as Osun State Chairman of Young Advancement Initiative (YAI), which I felt so much dissipated, down from the event in Lagos to my arrival at exactly 12a.m at Olosan Junction where I stayed then in Osogbo. and not even a "thank you message" from the National Chairman Ade Mario. I from sagamu boarded a bus without seats, financed my trip to and from but the ramshackle event got me sad as i nurtured the wound until I was needed back to link up our association members to join other media outlets to attend these special seminar."

Then, I had not been granted approval to monetize my blog via Google Adsense, But is a long story after I was later granted approval whereby my revenue of about $114 and $140 landed at post office through a 'Check' from Ireland which I could only cashed at Newcastle Bank with my residential address on it from Dublin Ireland.

I asked every members of the association how to cash the (Check), as they used to write instead of (Cheque), but no solution until I asked google and I was directed on ways to follow which I later followed, But like magic, my revenues landed back into my Adsense account balance after complying with their rules after 60days. Despite the fact I was owing money I borrowed to renew my hosting service. I got the first and second payments at once. I immediately confirmed myself as CEO for breaking through those challenges.

I also faced numerous challenges raging from my gaffe which nearly put me inside the bar as I was invited due to a story for another day.

Anyway, I appreciate Jare Tiamiyu

who was the chairman when I volunteered to be one of the association members, which I later served under him as vice chairman. But to say the fact, is not an easy task to maintain a website but today I still publishes with two working websites because as we leaves some challenges behind we became an anaconda to swallow future challenges, not even these days that we're having some technical experts among us like publishers of Spyloaded and Daoptimist.

The main task is to keep good relationship among the folks because, a colleague may give you an offer which may replenish your hard effort without results. I used to share work among colleagues same way I receives numerous offers from "Amiloaded" which went a long way to maintain balance in recent years.

I must say I benefited much making friends as I usually disturbs "TheSource Publisher" who

was very close to my area in Osogbo, we discussed about business everytime and we still did many things together by searching for new knowledge about the job and beyond.

Likewise Comrade Bright of VoiceAir Media, was resourceful in many aspects. Let me say I don't leave people unless I find solution to my challenges. But with the journey so far there's nothing coming up that we won't be able to handle by coming together because we keep developing some techniques on daily basis which I think is the best.

Abioye Tosin Lawrence is the publisher of Orionframe News, Writes from Banjul

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