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KIER STARMER: Africa Needs To Learn Good Examples From UK - Nigeria's ex-Presidential Aspirant


Chief CBN Onwuasoanya Ezendigbo, who floated presidential run in the last general election in Nigeria, has reacted to Sir Keir Starmer who led the Labour Party to a landslide victory, took over from Mr Sunak as the UK's prime minister.


 Ezendigbo in his remarks congratulated the newly elected prime minister and respect the humble decision of Rishi Sunak to bow out of the job of the Downing Street. According to him, "Without Tribunal, Appeal court or neither Supreme court magic wand, both sides of the divide have come to terms with the outcome of the election results."

The founder of Better Nigeria for Better People, Chief Ezendigbo, communicated that, the election that took place in the United Kingdom on the 4th of July, "Imagine how they declared the winner within 12hours whilst the outgoing PM Rishi Sunak congratulated Kier Starmer who won as people were there counting vote, no single soul was lost because of election, he stated."

Nigeria has been colonized by the United Kingdom, We should follow our "Leader" on many few things they did which were good. For instance; "In every election in southeast, thousands of people will die, people will be beaten to stupor, you will see ammunition flowing up and down, police will be shooting, soldiers will be in action, people will be beating one another, why?, Are we to beat the people we want to lead, they are not leaders but rulers, he barred.

The newly elected UK prime minister in his speech declared that "United Kingdom First" ,How many governors that have been ruling Southeast Nigeria can say "State First? "How are they going to demonstrate such litmus test."

Every single Governor in southeast have more than one or two private jets, parking convoys of more than two hundred people following them just to protect them, they looted the treasury of all the state, they make people jobless and that's why hooliganism, criminality are high.

South East governors did not perform very well with the little resources they were given, these paved ways for Nnamdi Kanu to rise, just because most of the senators and house of representatives members got their mandate through court process, not from the people's mandate, not the support of the masses.

Ezendigbo, urged all the African leaders to emulate good standard of democracy, "you don't kill the people you want to lead, you don't harm them, you must respect the masses that voted you into power for they trusted you before given you the mandate,  he concluded."

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