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NATO Accuses China Of Supplying Russia’s Attacks On Ukraine


For the first time, NATO has joined in Washington’s denunciations of China’s military support for Russia, accusing Beijing of enabling Russia’s war against Ukraine.

In a declaration, the military alliance demanded that China halt shipments of “weapons components” and other technology critical to the rebuilding of the Russian military, the Times reports.

China cannot enable the war “without this negatively impacting its interests and reputation,” the declaration said, particularly calling out China’s “large-scale support for Russia’s defense industrial base.” Potential costs were not specified, though the natural first step would be economic sanctions that barred China from parts of global markets. 

The declaration also blames China for “malicious cyber- and hybrid activities, including disinformation” aimed at Europe and the U.S.


Many European leaders initially dismissed the agreement between Russia and China for a “partnership without limits” as unlikely or unrealistic. But 29 months after the invasion of Ukraine, that view has changed drastically.

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